How To Select Low Apr Credit Cards

0 APR credit cards and low apr credit cards gaining their popularity at the lightening speed. Competition for getting the new customers is also seems very stiff. In order to attract the consumers all credit card companies offer the features like rewards, low interest rate credit cards, low apr credit card , 0 balance transfer and so many.

All they are trying to get the people attraction towards their card. They offer many special cards cater to the people who have no credit history, poor credit history and for the people who have credit card but want to transfer their credit balance to some new low apr credit cards.

In fact you cannot find any low apr credit cards than the one which offers 0 apr. Although this 0 apr is the lowest rate as possible In most of the times you can get the 0 apr only during the introductory offer. Once the introductory period expires the apr may jump to high interest rate. So kind of credit card you should look for is a fixed rate apr.

One other way to keep your credit card balance with low apr forever is switching the credit cards. Get a credit card which provides 0 apr. Some companies offer 0 apr for even 18 months. Transfer your balance from your old high interest rate credit card to low interest rate card. When the introductory period expires again transfer the balance to one more new card. If you skip out the interest rate in this way ofcourse you can pay off all your debt easily. Once you have paid all your debts stick with one best credit card according to your need and start building a good credit profile.

Now let’s have a brief look on some low apr credit cards so you can get an idea on various features you can expect on these 0 apr credit cards.

Citibank low apr credit card

It offers 5% cash back on all purchases you made at the gas station & grocery store by using your low apr credit card. For all the other purchases on money spent on using the low apr card you will be getting the 1% cash back offer. Introductory apr is applicable for 12 months. When you transfer the balance in this period minimum of $1500, you can gain 5% cash back. Of course you don’t need to pay the balance transfer fee. For 12 months you will not have any annual fee after that it is 12.24%.

Discover platinum clear card

This card offers 0 APR in the first year after that apr will be raised to 9.99%. It is the lowest apr rate in the market. So still it stays competitive. They offer 0 annual fees. Purchases made at the retailer shops, home improvement stores, hardware stores, book stores, gas stations and restaurants are eligible to get the 5% cash back offer. If the retailer shop doesn’t qualify your card for this 5% cash back offer, don’t worry still you are eligible for the 1% cash back offer made through this card.

Chase bank card

One more “low apr card “that is fast moving in the market is from the chase bank.  It offers 0 % apr for first 6 months after that apr rate is 10.49%. It offers 0 annual fee.  It provides an attractive reward points system in which you can earn 1 point for every single dollar spent on their low apr credit card. This low apr card also offers you free hotel rooms, cruises, auto rental and free air line tickets. It also offers free insurance that is worth for $500,000.

So by analyzing your individual needs select best low apr credit cards.

How To Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rates

Today in these really hard economic times people have started to be more conscious about their spending. Recent survey states that every American household have 2 credit cards on an average. Spending habit of the people has turned into good when compare to the past years when people had spend more money than they afford. On the flip sides many creditors have started to impose high interest rates on the credit card balances. This is one of the main factors which contribute more in the spending behavioral of many people.

However, knowing the ways to get no interest credit cards has become an essential thing for every credit card holder. If you have a feel like you are paying very high interest rates on your credit balance its time to turn around and do something. You have 2 choices here. Either you should research on credit card interest rates and find the 0 interest or no interest credit cards for you or find the ways to reduce your current interest rates.

Rather than applying for the new one the second option will very ease for most of the credit card holders. If you too have the same feel read on…

Have a talk with your creditor 

Have a clean record of your credit score. If you make a pay off at full every month and never missed your payment due then you deserve to get good credit cards at low interest rates although it is not needed. If you have got your credit card from any bank, just try to get an appointment to see your manager and sit with him. Clearly explain why you need to lower your interest rates.

If they hesitate to reduce your interest rate tell them you can better keep your business elsewhere. Try to lower your interest rate by placing the request. Never threaten your creditor until they strongly refuse to favor you.

Try to lower your spending

When your requests go unnoticed you can either move on to other financial institution who offers no interest credit cards or you can stay with your bank and do some alterations in your spending behavior. If you choose the later one you can get a good credit score sooner than you imagine. So getting the low or no interest rate credit cards will not be a dream any more. Try to practice the following do get better scores.

  • Better make a payment for your shopping & other bills out of your pocket rather than paying through your credit card
  • Do not use your credit card until your hands runs of money.
  • Never use your credit card for buying the things like new gadget or new clothing. You can skip out these spending.
  • Reason is your creditors have a right to charge you the interest which is equal to the paid price of an item.

Consolidate your debts

One more smart way to lower your interest rate is consolidate all your debts into 1 or 2 payments and transfer the credit balances into low interest rate credit cards. If you have any doubt on balance transfers you can approach your creditor and ask them how to do this. Find out how much they will charge for the balance transfer. But prior to that do some home work and find out yourself about the balance transfer interest rates offered by various creditors. Many credit card companies offer 0% balance transfer for up to 18 months.  If you feel your present credit card company charges more for the process ask them to lower the transfer rates along with the interest rates.

Apart from all the above methods spend some time and talk to your friends and other family members who are using the low interest rates credit cards. They will help you to get good credit cards with low interest rates.


Benefits Of Credit Building Credit Cards

Credit cards after bankruptcy

If you are the one who have just filed for the bankruptcy late in the last year or just within the past few months, definitely possibilities are very less for you to come up from the adverse effect of the bankruptcy. Although getting the standard credit card just after you have been tainted with the bankruptcy is quite harder, it’s not exactly impossible.

Now many financial institutions and banks understand the people who want to rebuild their credit history and their lives. They are even ready to offer the credit cards after bankruptcy have been filed on you. These cards are known as secured credit cards.

These kinds of cards are getting very popular among the people who want to rebuild their credit history. So if you are suffering from the bad credit or bankruptcy effects undoubtedly secured credit cards will be the best option for you.

Rebuild Your credit with the Credit Building Credit Cards

So how secured credit cards can help you to rebuild your credit history? Before answering this question let’s explore on the basics of secured credit cards first.

These secured credit cards works much in the same way as standard credit cards except you are going to pay some deposit amount as a collateral. This is how the credit card companies provide you the credit card just after your bankruptcy. Your credit line will be in the direct propositional with your deposit.

Every month you will be getting the monthly bill. If you defaulted in your payment for minimum of 5 or 6 months the bank will use your deposit amount to repay your outstanding bill. This duration may change from bank to bank. But don’t let your creditor to do this to you. Remember your ultimate aim for getting these Credit Building Credit Cards is to improve your credit score. When you make the timely payment at full every month , your this credit behavior will be reported to all 3 credit bureaus this is how many people have succeeded with the credit rebuilding.

Okay. Now let’s see how to apply for this secured card.

In order to obtain the secured credit card you will be asked to open either a saving account or checking account in that particular branch. You are going to deposit the money in this account as collateral.

As we have stated earlier unlike other standard credit cards company will use your collateral amount to fix the credit limit that you can enjoy with your purchasing. So if you want to have some high limit credit line you will need to pay high amount as a deposit. Regardless of your deposit some companies will fix your credit limit only upto 50 to 75% of your deposit amount.

Given below are some names of banks which are well known for providing Credit card after bankruptcy

First PREMIER Bank Gold MasterCard

First PREMIER Classic Card

Orchard Bank Classic Master cards

Centennial Gold MasterCard

Centennial Visa or MasterCard

Orchard Bank Low APR MasterCards

Gold MasterCard

And many more..

If you make timely payments and shows your loyalty to them chances are there to get high limits on your card and a transition from the secured credit cards to unsecured credit cards. When your creditor believes your credit worthiness by promoting your card they will return your deposit money entirely.

If you close the account with good condition they will return your deposit amount. Almost all credit card companies update your credit behavior to the credit bureaus but few companies will not do this. Sign up with such companies will be of no use to you.


Who Can Choose Low Interest Rate Credit Cards?

For most of the people who are searching the internet to obtain the best credit card Factors like APR, annual fee will be the most important factors. Some people will only check out the low interest rates.  In fact there are some other factors you need to check out before applying for your first time credit card.  Offering the low interest credit card or 0 interest credit card is one of the main tactics most of the credit card companies are using today to attract many new customers.

What should you consider for getting best credit card deals?

To make you clear on getting the best credit card we explain you from basics. Do you know what is meant by annual percentage rate or APR?

To state APR in plain language it is the interest rate which will be used by your credit card company when you keep balances on your credit card. Thus it is clear, when you have low interest rate credit card obviously you will be getting very less interest rates in your monthly billing cycle. This is the reason for the popularity of low rate credit cards.

Anyhow there are some other people who will use the credit card much the same way as one using their charge card. They will pay their monthly bills in the grace period itself that is they will pay on exactly their monthly due date.  When you use this card in this way no interest will be added to you account. So even if they have low rate credit cards it will be of no use to them.  Getting the low interest rate credit cards is not a very good deal for them. If you fall in this category type of credit card which best suit to your need will be rewards credit cards or air miles credit cards.

0 interest rate credit cards will help you to slow down the interest rate at which the credit card debt starts to build up. Obtaining the low interest rate credit card will be very useful for the people who can’t pay their bill on the due date every month.

Debt consolidation

Yet another group of people who are in the need of low interest rate credit card are those who are seeking the help with the debt consolidation. Debt consolidation is a process in which people consolidate their all debt into one single payment. Mostly they will transfer the debt to a new low interest rate credit card.

Who is eligible to get the low interest rate credit card?

Since credit card offering companies can take only a minimal amount of profit from the 0 interest credit cards they will issue these cards only for the applicants with good credit score. So their risk will be minimized. So if you want to get a low interest credit card you should maintain a good credit rating.

If you decided to take the low interest rate credit cards then compare as many cards as possible and check out number of benefits provided with these credit cards. Regardless of the type of low interest rate credit card you are going to apply for make sure you fully understands the terms and conditions. Also note many credit card companies will offer 0% interest rate only at the introductory period after that it will change into higher interest rates. So you should take this factor in to account when comparing the low interest rate credit cards.


Factors to Be Considered When Choosing The Best Cash Back Credit Card

Values you posses and the beliefs you have in your deep of heart have the ability to influence your lifestyle. When it’s come for credit cards choosing the best cash back credit card will be a good decision and it can offer you more benefits on your all regular purchases. When sign up for the best cash back credit card ensure you can earn rewards points on all your purchases rather regardless of certain items or certain stores.

Mostly cash back cards accumulates your reward points automatically to your existing credit card balances or it will invest these reward points in some saving programs chosen by you. You can even convert these reward points as cash checks.  Best cash back credit card that compliments your monthly spending pattern with some 0% interest rate or low interest rate will do more than the card which provides 1% cash back on your overall spending. Because low interest rate will save more when compare to the amount you suppose to be receive for the cash back program.

Also many credit card companies will provide the cash back credit cards for those who are spending maximum amount on their card. If you are big spender and exceed even their determined spending limits getting 2 cash back credit cards instead of 1 will help you from losing the reward points. You can find the many cash back credit cards as cheapest credit card too.

Apart from reward points and cash back offers many best cash back credit card companies offers you some other like warranty protection, travel insurance, rental,  emergency roadside protection, etc, These are some other features you should take in to consideration when sign up with the cash back credit cards.

Each company’s reward pointing system used to differ from another companies reward pointing system. Some cards provide more reward points on fuel but less on grocery. Some cards provide more reward points on spending money at some specific stores. However all cash back credit cards provides you an opportunity to earn some points and in turn cash on the spending money.

Don’t become a prey for the attractive advertisements. Your ultimate aim for finding the best cash back credit card should get fulfilled with the satisfaction and a high cash back value. Also ensure whether the cash back card suits your styles and requirements too.

Interest free credit card
Interest free credit card provides 0% interest rates for all purchases and balance transfers in the intro period. Since you are not going to pay any interest on the introductory period you can transfer the balance from the high interest credit card to your new account. These interest free credit cards will be beneficial for making some big purchases. These interest free credit cards can be stated as the chepest credit card to get. Some cash back credit cards comes with an option of interest free credit cards too.

Following are some of the best cash back credit cards available in the market.

Chase Freedom® Visa


  •     0% Intro APR (Applicable for 15 months)
  •     No annual fee
  •     Provides 5% cash back offer on cash spent at drugstores, gas stations and Starbucks® stores. This offer valid between 1st Jan 2013 to 31st march 2013 up to the value $1,500
  •     Cash back offer of 1% on all other purchases

Blue Cash Everyday® Card

This cash back credit card is offered by American express


  •  No annual fee
  •  0% Intro APR for 12 months
  •  Provides 3%, 2% cash back offers on the US based super markets, gasoline stations respectively.
  • 1% cash back offer on the all other purchases.

Blue Cash Preferred®

This card is too from American Express


  •  0% Intro APR for 12 months
  •   Annual fee of $75
  •     Provides 6%, 3% cash back offers on the US based super markets, gasoline stations respectively.
  •   1% cash back offer on the all other purchases.

Ways To Find Out Whether You Have Best Credit Card Rates ?

Have you got the best credit card with the best possible interest rate? If you nod yes, it’s better. If not so you may even need to see your kidney to pay off your credit card bills. Anyhow how you know you have the best credit card rates with you? Is it just because your company claims that? Here are some 4 simple tips through which you can uncover the truth about your credit card rates.

1. Make Timely Payments

One of the vital things to get and keep your low rate credit card to work best for you is making the timely payments for all your items specified on your monthly statement. Even if you make a single late payment in one of your credit card it will cause a domino effect. After a late payment you are going to see the raised interest not only in the particular credit card where you made a late payment. But also interest rates on your other credits cards will get jacked up.

Don’t get amazed of how these unrelated cards will act in this way. According to the credit cards act if you defaulted on one of your credit card typically your other credit card issuers have the rights to act like you are defaulted on their credit cards too. So the inters rates will be raised in others cards too. Here no wonder even if you possessed best low rate credit card rates before, chances are there for them to turn into worst credit card interest with some 20% or more.

So if you want to enjoy the bet credit card rates never make late payments. Try to give a first priority for your payment due.

2. You can get only if you ask

Often getting low rate credit card is not a very tough task. If you don’t think like your credit card company is not offering you the best rate credit cards you can place a request to them to decrease your credit card’s interest rate. If you are the one who is making timely payments and pay off your monthly due at a full definitely your credit card company will not be ready to lose you. So chances there are a high chance for you to get reduced interest rates.

If the person you are meeting first hesitates to take your request, approach the manager and showing your credit worthiness try to make him understand if your request is not processed you can get the credit cards with low interest rates anywhere else. But before that, check out top 10 credit cards with low interest rates so that you can speak to them confidently. If they can lower the rate as per their policies, definitely they will.

 3. Balance Transfers

Even after the requisition if they refuse to reduce your interest rates “find out another best credit card rates offering company and transfer your credit card balances to the new card”. When your credit rating is up to par most of the companies are even happy to provide you new account.

Many companies offer 0% interest for balance transfers while some are posing 3%. Check it out whether the interest rate is 0% or some lower amount in only introductory period. Finding low rate credit card with fixed APR will be beneficial.

4. Don’t hesitate to pay low annual fees

If you have a good credit score then getting best credit card rates with no annual fee will be quite easy. But when you have a bad credit this task is bit harder. So if you find a lower interest credit card rates with affordable annual fee, better you go for it. Paying this annual fee is better than paying high interest rate on your overwhelming debts. If your card have high balances and low interest rate just imagine how ease it will be to pay off the debt.

You can check out top 10 credit cards who are offering low interest rate credit card for you. Many sites are providing this facility. Make use

Top10 Factors To Look Applying For the First Time Credit Card

Person who are obtaining the first time credit card may have several questions like what credit card should I get and what are the things should i know prior to apply for one. If you are one among them then you are on the right track.

Here we have listed some important top 10 things that any one should know before applying their first time credit card.

Low or 0% interest rate

Today you may have a good financial condition. So you may think like you can pay off your monthly payment due at full every month. It is good. So as of now you don’t need to bother about the interest rates. But what will happen if you fail to pay off and keep balance in your account due to unavoidable financial situation. So think off the future when sign up for the credit card. Obtaining the card with 0% interest rate is great. Most of the companies offer intro APR of 0%. Find out what will be the interest rate when this period gets over.

No Annual Fee

In the recent past, credit card companies were used to charge the annual fee anywhere between $20 & $100. But today the scenario has changed. Now most of the companies are offering the credit cards with no annual fee. So try to find out these. It is fairly easy task.

Grace Period

Almost all companies offer the grace period of 1 month on all new purchases. It is the time in which you don’t need to pay any interest for having balances because of newly purchased items. If you practice to pay off full on the payment due you can avoid accruing the interest after the grace period.

Credit card type

Visa and master cards are widely accepted card types in all retail store and online purchases. So regardless of from whom you are going to obtain the card (capital one, discover, chase…) make sure your card is either master or visa so that you can use it even at the times of emergency.

Ridiculous charges

Read the terms and fine print and ensure you are going to pay some ridiculous charges like “fee to access your credit card account, late payment fee, annual fee and some unreasonable fee”.

Rewards programs

Some credit card companies used to offer rewards cards or cash back offers for using the card. Make sure you are sign up with the one who are offering these kinds of rewards program so that you can save interest and money for your good credit behavior.

Fraud protection guarantee

Since you sign up for the first time credit card there is no way for you to come through the scenario where you paid for the fraudulent unauthorized activity. There are so many credit laws states that card holder should not get charged for the fraudulent activities. But in practice credit card companies charge you to pay at least portion of certain amount. So it is very important to sign up with the card that provides $0 fraud liability guarantee.

Online account Access

In this digital era most of the credit card companies provides online access to their customers to manage their balance transfers, bill payment through the secured websites. Ensure your desired company offers this useful feature since it saves your loads of time.

Toll-Free help line service

Major credit card companies provide the toll free help line numbers to contact their customer service. Check out whether your first time credit card offers this feature to you.

No or Low Balance transfer fee

This feature will be very help full when you transfer the credit card balance from one account to another. Some companies provide 0 balance transfer for few months at introductory period. Some charges around 3%.

Keep all these in mind and try to find a best card as an answer for what credit card should i get.

Can you get guaranteed credit card

Since you don’t have any prior history you can’t get the standard credit cards which will require good credit rating. So to help the people to begin their journey with the credit card some companies offers the guaranteed credit card for people with the no history and bad history.


Best Credit Cards For Rebuilding Credit

If you have a bad or poor credit then definitely it is not a very good financial condition. Although there are many ways to rebuild the credit, truth is most of the people are not getting one more chance to prove their credit worthiness. People with the bad credit often face this scenario at the time of financial crisis.

However, as the recession moved out of many countries getting the best credit card for bad credit has became an easy one.

Why people prefer credit cards for rebuilding credit?

When your credit score is poor or bad getting a loan or obtaining one more credit by using your existing credit worthiness becomes an impossible one. For example you are having an idea to do some alteration in your home. Upon applying the loan your creditor will check all 3 credit bureaus if they report negatively obtaining the loan will become a tedious task. So possible solution for this scenario is, improve your credit score before applying for the further loans.

You can find many best credit cards for bad credit to help you in this scenario. Once you obtain the card you are getting a second chance to build your credit score so getting a second chance for re-qualifying for your loans too.

Get best credit cards for bad credit

Getting the best credit card for bad credit is somewhat difficult when compare to obtaining the regular card. First and foremost thing you will be required is to pay the deposit amount. This amount varies from bank to bank. Second thing you should pay the credit which are made on time. By doing so you can run away from getting one other bad credit score. Remember if you get one more bad impression there is no guarantee that you will get one more chance to rebuild your credit.

So getting back on your track will become merely impossible.

Who offers the credit cards for rebuilding credit?

There exist some banks & financial institutions that are willing to provide best credit cards for bad credit. Often these kinds of credit cards are known as secured credit cards. When you browse through the net you can come along with the several different credit cards. Even though you are going to provide a deposit amount for obtaining the card not all credit card companies have the same sort of terms and conditions. Learn and compare various cards. If they offer really a best credit card for bad credit they won’t impose unnecessary unaffordable fee on you. Carefully examine all the offers, APR, annual fee and other things. If you do not get satisfied on the specified features and charges move on to sign up with some other credit card company.

You can use credit card finders to help in finding the best credit cards for bad credit.  To help you in finding best credit cards for rebuilding credit we have provided some recommendations for you. Check it out.
Unsecured Credit One Bank® Visa® Credit Card

  • Credit line starts from $300
  • Card holder is allowed to pick their own payment due date
  • Credit score tracking feature at free of cost

Horizon Gold Credit Card


  •  Credit line starts from $500
  • 0 annual fee
  • No credit and employment check

Apart from these Applied Bank Visa Business Card , GoFreeCredit, Get DebtWise Now CreditCardSoup, are some of the other best credit cards for rebuilding credit.

These all credit cards will update your Credit behavior update to all 3 credit bureaus on a monthly basis. And they will send Free mail and text alert to remind the payment due

Various Types Of Credit Cards You Should Know

Prior to know how to apply for credit card it is good to educate yourself on different types of credit cards.

Some of the most common credit card types are

Rewards program credit cards

Low interest credit cards

No annual fee credit cards

Secured credit cards

Knowing the pros and cons of each card will help to decide which credit card types are good for you.

Reward Program Credit Cards

These credit cards are the ultimate choice for the people who pay off their due every month without fail. Also if you are the people who don’t want to keep balances and having the habit of spending more than $10,000 every year on your card then you should be rewarded for your good spending behavior and loyalty. So choose the rewards credit card to enjoy the perks of shopping.

Whenever you spent your money on the card some rewards points will be given to you. These points will get accumulated every time when you make purchase. You can use these rewards points on your travel, rewards and other services.

You can pick the rewards card from the wide range of rewards program like Petrol Credit Cards, travel rewards card, cash back cards and super market cards.

No annual fee credit cards

If you want to use your credit card just to pay your bills online and to use for online booking then the best credit card type you should apply for are no annual fee credit cards.

No annual fee credit card types are good when you don’t use your credit very frequently. And if you are a kind of person who carry the balances then this credit card type is definitely not for you because you will need to pay big large sum with high interest.

This no annual fee credit card is ideal for those who use the credit card very rarely.

Low Interest Credit Cards

If you have ended up with some unmanageable debt or ended up with some balance amounts on the credit for a while, then finding the low interest rate credit card is best for you. Because if you just cut down the money paid on interest you can pay off your debt as quickly as possible.

These low interest rate credit cards provides much lower interest rates when compare to other standard credit cards so the card holder can make their purchases without having to worry about the interest rates. Shortly these credit card types are really beneficial especially when you have a plan to make big bulk purchases and require some months to repay.

Low Balance Transfer Credit Cards

This card is suitable when you need to credit card to settle the payments or debts in some other card. You should be very careful when obtaining these cards because there are many chances in which you will be end up with even the bad debt scenario. These balance transfer credit cards allows the people to transfer their balances from high interest rate credit cards. So when you choose these types of credit cards check out whether they are offering 0% interest rate or some lower percentage of interest rate for the balance transfers. Rather than getting 0% interest rate for few months and accruing high interest rate after the introductory period, finding the card which provides low interest rate for long period will be beneficial. This card allows the people to pay off their debt without scaring for the high interest rate which will be added to their existing balance on every month.

To find an answer for the quest of how to apply for a credit card , you need to make a perfect analysis and decide which credit card will best suit to you.


How To Apply For A Credit Card

How to apply for a credit card

If you know the exact process of how to apply for a credit card then the process is fair simple than you imagine.

If you have ended up with the bad credit or you are having a little credit sign up for the credit card. It is one of the good ways to build and improve your credit score. Credit cards made life easy, apart from credit rebuilding if you have a credit card you can pay off your monthly bills and shopping payments through online very easily.

One of the major issues that many people experience when owning the card is the way they utilize the credit line offered to them. Some are not stick with the credit limit. Due to the overspending behavior finally they end up with the bad credit history. When you obtain a credit card use it with caution never go over spend and keep restrictions on your spending. When you spend more than you can handle it may cause very bad consequences to you.

Understanding the process

Knowing the exact process will make you clear the question how to apply for a credit card. You can see so many credit card companies in the market. Just like anything else these all companies have their own rules and regulations. One company norms will not match with the other. So try to understand their terms and be knowledgeable.

Do a bit of homework

Before sign up with any card it is good to do some homework. It actually saves you from facing the unnecessary troubles in future.  Try to find out the company’s financial policies. Also be are sure about the interest rates, APR, other charges and grace periods. Compare many credit cards that have the similar features you are expecting. If you know this information well in advance it will help you from having the misunderstandings with your company.

Make comparison

Never get satisfy with the very first credit card that comes in your way.  It is very important to gain a satisfaction by doing an intensive analysis. Usually all features like APR, credit line, annual fee and add on features used to change from company to company. It is suggested to check out top ten credit cards from the authorized websites.

Required information

Once decide on a company make sure you are having all the information like pay stubs, driver’s license, bank account information, social security number. Almost all companies will require you to provide a personal reference from at least 3 people. Try to collect their phone numbers, names and complete address before start applying.

Online applications

If you want to get a card very fastly then you should get a card through online. All major companies offer this mode of application process. One of the best thing regarding the online application processing is you can get the instant response from the company. Check out top ten credit cards in various sites and come to the conclusion.

Getting the credit card is not at all a toughest task. Key is you should know the process and should have everything to obtain the card in hand. That’s all.

Fair credit credit cards

If you have fair credit you can decrease the interest you need to pay on your monthly bills fair easily. Many credit card companies offering their fair credit credit cards with the attractive low interest rates and rewards system. Find out and apply to grasp a good deal.

Given below are top credit cards we are recommending for you

Halifax All in One MasterCard 

  • No annual fee
  •  17.9% variable APR
  •  0% interest ( duration : 14 months)

Barclaycard Platinum Purchase Credit Card 

  • 19.9% APR
  • 0% interest (Duration: 24 months)

NatWest Platinum MasterCard

  •      17.9% variable APR
  •       0% interest (25 months)
  •       No annual fee

Barclaycard Platinum Extended Bal Transfer Credit Card

  • No annual fee
  • 17.9% APR