List Of College Student Credit Cards

Quick tips

When applying for the College student credit cards one should look for the card with the 0% annual fee, simple terms and worthy cash back rewards.

Since it is a student card it is not a good idea to have a habit of paying certain amount of interest on the credit card balance. So choose the card which charges a decent interest rate.

If you are already holding a checking account in any bank, try to apply for the student credit card in the same bank. It increases the possibility for the acceptance slightly.

best credit cards for college students

Given below are some of the best credit cards for college students

Wells Fargo Cash BackSM College Card


  • Student should prove their eligibilty for repaying the debt
  • Should have the annual income of minimum $3,000 / year

It offer College student credit cards with no annual fee. Also provides a cash Back offer of 1% on the purchases made through this card. Once your credit crad applications are accepted you are allowed to choose the monthly payment date in your own. You can make your self avail for the monthly free email other attrcative feature offered by the Wells Fargo card is “ it provides Visa payWave service”. Through this service you can make the contact free payments. APR ranges from 7.9%–18.74%. It is based on the student’s credit history.


Discover Student More Card

In our list of best credit cards for college students Discover student more card holds the second place. This card is widely known for offering best customer service for its card holders.

Important features are 0% annual fee and 1% cash back offer. Apart from this 1% card holders can get even 5% cash back offers for the purchases made on various categories. This rate is subject to change on every quarter.

Upon receiving the card, card holder can subscribe for the mail alerts. Interest rate offered on this card is equal to the prime lending rate + 9.74%–15.74%. Again it is based on the card holder’s credit history.

JourneySM Student Rewards

It is one of the best credit cards for college students because it also offers 0% annual fee and 1% cash back offer on all the purchases made through the card. This card is from the leading player Capital one. When the card holder is regular on their payment and makes no late payments this card offers bonus .25% of cash back offer.

To make the card holder to keep an eye on their account it offers free text and email alerts. Offered APR is around 19.8%.  No transaction fee will be charged when you use this card in foreign countries. It is an added advantage of having this card.

Citi® Dividend® Card

Although it offers so many unique credit card for students, this citi dividend card for college students provides many interesting features. It also offers a reasonable level of cash back offers and 0% annual fee. Cash back rate is 1%.

Other interesting features offered by the card are retail purchase protection and warranty coverage.

It also offers 0% introductory APR on all purchases for the period of 7 months after that APR will be anywhere between3.99% to 23.99% which depends on the card holder’s credit history.

Bank of America Student Platinum Plus

Features of this best credit card for college students include text alert, mail alert and mobile banking facility.

When the security feature is concerned it provides an extended service by embedding your photo on the card. Appearance of the card will be changed upon the request made from the card holder. It offers the card with no annual fee. Depending on the credit history you can receive the interest rate of 10.99%.