How To Select Low Apr Credit Cards

0 APR credit cards and low apr credit cards gaining their popularity at the lightening speed. Competition for getting the new customers is also seems very stiff. In order to attract the consumers all credit card companies offer the features like rewards, low interest rate credit cards, low apr credit card , 0 balance transfer and so many.

All they are trying to get the people attraction towards their card. They offer many special cards cater to the people who have no credit history, poor credit history and for the people who have credit card but want to transfer their credit balance to some new low apr credit cards.

In fact you cannot find any low apr credit cards than the one which offers 0 apr. Although this 0 apr is the lowest rate as possible In most of the times you can get the 0 apr only during the introductory offer. Once the introductory period expires the apr may jump to high interest rate. So kind of credit card you should look for is a fixed rate apr.

One other way to keep your credit card balance with low apr forever is switching the credit cards. Get a credit card which provides 0 apr. Some companies offer 0 apr for even 18 months. Transfer your balance from your old high interest rate credit card to low interest rate card. When the introductory period expires again transfer the balance to one more new card. If you skip out the interest rate in this way ofcourse you can pay off all your debt easily. Once you have paid all your debts stick with one best credit card according to your need and start building a good credit profile.

Now let’s have a brief look on some low apr credit cards so you can get an idea on various features you can expect on these 0 apr credit cards.

Citibank low apr credit card

It offers 5% cash back on all purchases you made at the gas station & grocery store by using your low apr credit card. For all the other purchases on money spent on using the low apr card you will be getting the 1% cash back offer. Introductory apr is applicable for 12 months. When you transfer the balance in this period minimum of $1500, you can gain 5% cash back. Of course you don’t need to pay the balance transfer fee. For 12 months you will not have any annual fee after that it is 12.24%.

Discover platinum clear card

This card offers 0 APR in the first year after that apr will be raised to 9.99%. It is the lowest apr rate in the market. So still it stays competitive. They offer 0 annual fees. Purchases made at the retailer shops, home improvement stores, hardware stores, book stores, gas stations and restaurants are eligible to get the 5% cash back offer. If the retailer shop doesn’t qualify your card for this 5% cash back offer, don’t worry still you are eligible for the 1% cash back offer made through this card.

Chase bank card

One more “low apr card “that is fast moving in the market is from the chase bank.  It offers 0 % apr for first 6 months after that apr rate is 10.49%. It offers 0 annual fee.  It provides an attractive reward points system in which you can earn 1 point for every single dollar spent on their low apr credit card. This low apr card also offers you free hotel rooms, cruises, auto rental and free air line tickets. It also offers free insurance that is worth for $500,000.

So by analyzing your individual needs select best low apr credit cards.