Rebuild Credit Cards And Credit Rebuilding

You got stuck with the poor credit history? If so, no worries you can find many poor credit credit cards in the market. These cards will help you lot in rebuilding your credit history. So we can these cards as rebuild credit cards too.

Normally credit cards with bad credit are offered by taking the collateral or deposit from you. This is why how the credit card companies can offer you the credit card just after your recent bankruptcy. If you manage to provide the required deposit, regardless of bad credit or no credit you can get these cards without any hassle.

To rebuild your credit history you can take 2 routes. One is obtaining the unsecured credit card with high interest rate or obtaining a secured card with certain deposit. If you choose the second route you should be careful with all options that come along with the card. If the card requires you to load the fee then this is one of the bad things. Don’t go for it.

Don’t forget to look at the fixed and variable APR, monthly fee, annual fee etc. You can find no annual fee credit card but most of them will require a high deposit or interest.  If you go for a credit card with annual fee make sure you are not paying above $60. One more thing you need to look is deposit amount. Generally secured credit cards will ask the deposit around $500 not more than that. You can even find some secured credit cards are available for the deposit amount $250. Anyhow this is the amount you are going to put in your secured credit card account.

So when you defaulted in the monthly payments your creditor will take this deposit amount to pay off your debt. They will set a credit limit based on your deposited amount. Every month you will be getting the monthly bill statement. Try to pay off in full every month. If you can’t pay the full you can keep the minimum allowed balance. Enquire your creditor to know “what is the minimum balance that you can carry between the months.”Since these are rebuild credit cards never make late payments.

How these Credit cards with bad credit will support you

These poor credit credit cards helped millions of people in rebuilding their credit history. Let’s see how it works? Once your card has received the acceptance, you can start a fresh financial credit history. By making the timely payments and not crossing your credit limit you can prove your loyalty and can gain a credit score every month.

Anyway these Rebuild credit cards have a somewhat higher variable APR when compare to the standard low interest rate credit cards. This is the reason for why we are urging to take a complete analysis before finding a good card for you. It is not recommended to sign up with the secured card that you come across in the public network as first or second. Try to read your desired poor credit credit card reviews and try to gather information from the people who already got succeeded in your trial and who are using the secured cards just like you. read all the terms and conditions  before signup.

Credit cards for no prior credit history

If you are new to credit card and do not have credit history, you can’t apply for the standard credit cards from major players. They will ask you to provide a good credit history. But it doesn’t mean only available option you have now is applying for Credit cards with bad credit. Having a poor history and having no history are not same anyway. You can find out many companies who are offering the credit card for first time users rather than providing the credit cards for people with bad credit.

So browse through internet and find out such companies. Start building a credit for you.


Why Should You Choose Credit Cards With Low Interest Rates

Credit cards with low interest rates provide benefits to its card holders in so many ways. The interest rate we talk about here is known as APR (Annual percentage rate). It is generally the interest of the credit that is set for the card holder.

So if you are person who don’t want to keep balances in your credit account and used to pay all the credit amount on the payment date every month this low interest rate will have no effect on you. But this APR will badly affect those who carry balances between the billing cycles.

Interest rate types

Since our aim is to decide on the Low interest rate credit cards

Let’s learn from the basics. Usually when talking about the interest rate in the credit card context we can differentiate into 2.

Fixed interest rate & variable interest rate 

If a credit card company offers a credit card with the variable rate interest what it means is “this interest rate is subject to get increase or decrease based on the company’s decision.”

On other hand if it offers the fixed rate APR this rate will not get change over the time. Likewise when the card holder obeys to the terms of credit card service the rate will not get increased. Here the term obeys includes “no late payments & having the habit of paying the least payment threshold and many”.

Recently credit card issuing companies attempted to raise the fixed rate APR and it made the card holders to get worried and anger. However new law was enforced to product all the credit card holders from this issue.

As per the legislation credit card companies should no longer raise the interest rate on the fixed APR accounts. But the sad truth is “Almost all credit card companies have stopped to offer the fixed APR”.

Low interest rate credit cards with annual fee

If you closely analyze the zero interest credit cards or low interest rate credit cards they accompany with some percentage of annual fee.  So you should note this annual fee and analyze whether it is worth to pay the fee in terms of saving through the low interest rate.

So many other websites are out there which will help you in making the side by side comparisons. In this comparison you can see the factors like low interest rates & annual fee and so on.

Zero interest credit cards

It is not possible to get the zero interest credit cards as the fixed rate credit cards. Only you can get the 0% interest rate in the introductory period. For those who are having an excellent credit rating it’s like they will get any kind of card they are applying for.

But the all Credit card companies want to attract many more credit card customers even with their very tight restrictions. Providing the 0% APR credit cards became one of the best ways to attract so many new customers.

So if you are really smart and want to find out Credit cards with low interest rates take a journey on the credit card comparisons through many reputable websites.

Following are some of the best low interest rate credit cards

Citi® Diamond Preferred® Card
0% introductory APR (applicable for 18 months)
After 18 months APR will be 11.99%-21.99% (depends on the credit worthiness)

Barclaycard® Ring MasterCard®
No annual fee
Low APR of 8% (Variable APR)
No fee will be charged on the balance transfers

Slate one from chase
0% introductory APR (Length is 15 months)
No fee will be charged on the balance transfers

What Should You Note On Applying For The Secured Credit Cards?

Undoubtedly secured credit cards are one of the best options whether you want to build your credit history or repair the credit history. But there are certain things you need to keep in mind while selecting the best secured credit card for you.

Generally secured credit cards require a deposit amount. This amount plays a big role in setting the credit limit for your card.

In the recent years some secured credit cards have started to impose a large fees and high interest rate on its customers. If you want to use the secured credit card for the optimum usages continue to read on the following so that you can ensure that you are getting one of the best secured credit card available in the market.

Ensure your report to credit bureaus

One of the main reasons for opening any secured credit account is to improve your credit score or to build some sort of credit history. But the sad thing is some of the secured credit card issuers do not submit your good credit behavior to the credit bureaus.

There are some credit card companies exist who will not report your timely payments and other good behavior to the credit bureaus but they will report when you missed to pay on the due date. So these companies will not help you to build your credit history in anyway. Get clarify with the credit card issuer before you sign up with them.

Check out the credit line

Once get an approval for the secured credit card some credit card companies offer you the credit line depends on your deposited amount. Let’s say you have deposited the amount of $500 in this case they will give you the credit line of $250.

Enquire the complete fee listings

When you open for a secured credit card usually company will charge the fee like set up fee, monthly maintenance fee and many. Make sure you are a well informed of all these fee structures before opening the account so that you can decide whether you are getting a best prepaid credit card for you.

Keep track on the important dates associated with your secured credit card account

Important dates that you need to remember with your account is “The date on which the bill is sent, when is your bill due and from when your secured credit card balance will start accruing some interest amount”.

If you miss to know these important date definitely you will get end up with the trouble. For example if your predetermined due date is on 1st but you’re your monthly bill statement says that your bill is due on 29th then it’s an issue. You should resolve it by contacting your credit card issuer.

According to the credit card act your creditor can’t charge the late fees until 21 days from your monthly bill was sent to you. So if you are not clear on your due dates ask the creditor to provide you the details.

When your deposits will be used?

Some secured credit card holders used to think when they make late payments their creditor will use their deposit. So they will never impose the interest for the late payments. But it’s not a truth. Your best prepaid credit card company will keep your deposit as a collateral they will not touch this until you defaulted on your payment.  When you pay off full in every month without any late payments, they will return your deposit as a whole.

Chances are also there for you to promote your card to unsecured credit card by showing your loyalty and good credit behavior to them. So get a move from prepaid credit card to unsecured credit card. All the best!

Find Out What Is The Best Credit Card For You?

Have you ever tried to find out what is the best credit card? Is that really exists? Trust us best credit cards do exist. But the same card will not serve best to all. Don’t get confuse yourself. The card which serves best to you will not serve best to your friend or someone else. It will depend on the needs and life style. Here are some ways to find out what is the best credit card for you.

Will you payoff every month?

If you are the one who don’t want to keep balances in your credit account and want to pay off on the payment due date every month, then you don’t need to bother about the interest rates. You can opt for the best rewards credit cards and no fee credit cards and card which offer points for showing the loyalty. Since you won’t create a situation to pay the interest if you find the low interest rate credit cards it will not bring any benefits for you.

You deserve to be rewarded for your good spending habits so it’s better to take and enjoy the perks of best rewards credit cards.

You Have Bulk sum of debt?

If you have very large amount of debt in your credit card then finding the low interest rate credit card and no fee credit cards will be good option for you. With the help of reduced interest rate you can pay off your entire debt very fast.

Planning for big purchases?

If you do have a plan to purchase some dreamy things then find out the credit card which offers the lower introductory APR. If you are sure about the big purchase and you can make the repayment in less than 6 months then start searching for the card which provides 0% interest rate for at least six month. Here you don’t need to see whether these cards are the best rewards credit cards.

Love traveling?

If you want to roam around the world then the card you should head on is “Best travel rewards credit card”. There are some cards in this category offers you the double dip.

Apart from offering the miles for your travel purchases some travel rewards cards offer the point’s for ever single dollar spent on travel. These points can be utilized for the hotel room upgrades and all other your travel perks.

Charity cards

If you have a habit of offering your hard earned money on charity, there are some cards especially made for you. Surprised? Some credit card companies offer the reward points while others used to donate 1or 2% amount to your specified charity.

Although these cards comes with high interest rate when comparing to the lower interest rate credit cards , when you have a habit of paying the entire amount in a single stretch at every month you can donate the charity without spending even a single penny from your pocket.

What about your credit rating?

If you have end up with the bankruptcy or you have an average credit obtaining the secured credit cards will be the best option for you. These cards require you to produce a deposit amount. But when it comes to rebuilding the credit history secured cards becomes a best option. When you make timely payments you can improve the credit score very quickly.

Hope you now have an idea in determining “what is the best credit card for you “

Given below are some of the best rewards credit cards for you

Best rewards credit cards

Capital One® Venture Rewards Credit Card

Capital One® Cash Rewards


How To Get Credit Cards For Average & Bad Credit

Normally credit card companies are willing to offer their credit card for those who have a good credit rating. At the same time all credit card companies make the people to learn how to get their credit cards for average credit and bad credit. But the thing is they will also make sure that you have the ability to repay the debt.

If you want to get a credit card with bad credit all companies offers very few option but you will need to pay very high interest rates. What it means is even though it is possible to get credit cards for average credit , this option requires the card holder to repay the high amount when compare to the one who have the card with the good credit rating.

There are totally 2 main options for the people who want to get the credit card with bad credit.

If you want to have the unsecured credit cards then definitely you will need to pay the high interest rates.

Else you can sign up for the secured cards which require a deposit.

Analyze these two options and come to the conclusion of how to get credit cards for average credit or bad credit.

Higher rate cards:

There are some credit cards companies are out there they have designed the card only for the people who want to improve or rebuild their bad and average credit history. Unsecured cards are standard cards which don’t require any deposit. But since you are applying the card with the bad credit they may ask you to produce a security.

These companies provide their card to anyone with the bad credit rating but they will charge the interest rate normally 10 to 20% more than all other cards. One truth regarding these types of cards is “people who have obtained the card with the thought of fixing their credit score had end up with the overextended debt”.

So if you want to get unsecured credit cards to rebuild your credit rating you should analyze the consequences of the high interest rates well before itself.

Secured credit cards

Since you attempt to get a credit card with bad credit second available option for you is secured cards. Many people are willing to choose this option. Simply because of the less risk involved with this card. Secured cards are attached with the bank account in which you need to deposit certain amount in prior to get the card. You credit limit will be decided in the proportional to the deposit amount. Even though you have your deposit left with your banker you still need to pay the interest when making the late payments.

When using the secured cards it provides a win win option for both your banker and yourself. Some credit card companies used to submit your credit behavior to the major credit bureaus in 3 months interval. So be in touch with your banker regarding the report they have submitted to the credit bureaus.  Never make late payments and make your creditor to take your deposit amount to repay the outstanding debt for you.

But hang on. Before apply for the best secured credit cards compare all the available options. All companies may look same in helping you with the credit rebuilding. But the sad truth is “They do differ in many ways.”Although all the credit card companies high light the good news in the first page they won’t high highlight the downside of the card. So it is your responsibility to carefully read the terms and conditions.

It is one of the best option and many people experienced a success by taking this route for rebuilding their credit.


How To Get The Instant Decision Credit Cards

Getting the instant decision credit cards is relatively simple and can be done quickly too. You may be in rush to get the pre approved credit cards just because of the urgent vacation plan or to pay off the outstanding debts quickly, whatever it may be the good news is there are some ways exist so your plan will not go in vein.

If you want to get instant decision credit cards of course internet is the best option. With the advent of internet you don’t need to wait for the approval mail sent through a regular mail. Some time it will take up to 6 weeks to know the status.

Now you can take this entire process in online as fast as you can. Now you can sign up for the instant pre approved credit cards online and can get the approval of the card in not more than few minutes. Life made easy.

If you don’t spot the application form online for your desired company you can call them and they will guide you on where can you find their credit card application.

One of the very quick ways to find the application through internet is “Entering the exact phrase in search engines like Google or yahoo”. If you browse through the net you can find loads of companies offering the Pre approved credit cards. Now you should analyze at least some of them to know which one is best.

One of the best ways to compare the easiest credit card to get is “Finding the website which provides the comparison for you”. Generally these companies show various credit card ratings in the form of charts and other kind of visual modes. You can find the information on APR rates,  air miles, balance transfer fees, annual fees, introductory offers, introductory periods, rewards points and so on. You can easily compare various credit card companies and can find out which will best suit to your life style.

When you apply for the credit card they will see whether you are a suitable person to provide their card. These companies check with the credit bureaus to know your credit rating. If you have a good credit score then it will be easy to get the pre approved credit cards. If not so, still you can get these credit cards but it is somewhat a touch task. At the time if you have applied for instant decision credit cards, if their websites goes down due to some technical problems they might not be able to access the data entered by you properly. So there are chances for your application goes unprocessed.

Even though you have applied for the easiest credit card to get, if you have applied in so many credit card companies in relatively short span of time, it will create a bad impression on your worthy credit profile. Since you are going to get the instant decision credit cards always inquire about the terms and conditions and other value added offers that comes with the card. Sure no one will want to get stuck with the high interest paying credit cards to find a credit card which offers a low APR and low interest rate. If you want to truly reap the benefits of instant decision credit cards check out and many credit cards through online resources and sign up for the best one. One more thing to note on getting the pre approved card is you can activate this card through the telephone line itself. But these cards get involved with some unusual charges.

Find Out The Best Low Credit Credit Cards

Importance of Building the good credit is greatly increasing nowadays. We need a good credit score to get a loan for home, vehicle, mortgage etc. Even to obtain the services like internet and cable you will need a good credit. If you do not poses one you will need to pay anywhere between $100 to $1,000. Even if you pose enough skills and expertise your employer will do a credit check before offering a job to you. so getting credit cards are one of the way to build your credit history. Remember credit worthiness is the reflection of your personality.

If you have a low credit score or no credit score then you can’t apply for the standard regular credit cards. So Kind of credit card you need to look around is low credit credit cards or secured cards. But in the public internet there are not so many places which offering you the online application to apply for the low credit credit cards.

However we have provided some of the useful resources to help you in your journey.

As we said already obtaining the low credit credit cards is a very good way for building or rebuilding the credit history. These kinds of credit cards are really special cards which are designed for the individual who don’t have enough credit to apply for the standard cards.

When you use low credit credit cards in a proper way you can easily build the credit & can easily raise your FICO score. If you have a bad debt clearing the negative items from your record will also help you to obtain a good credit score not more than a year.

Almost all credit card issuers understand that many people really want to repair both their credit & lives. As a result these companies offer some specially designed limited credit card like low credit credit cards along with some acceptable terms & benefits. Remember low credit credit card is a kind of limited credit card.

Given below are some of the companies which offer cheap credit cards for building or rebuilding the credit. Company’s terms are subject to vary based on the applicant’s credit worthiness.

Household Bank Premium MasterCard

If you have a bad credit you can apply for this card. It is of course one of the best low credit credit cards. It offers 0% interest as the introductory APR for length of 9 months after that the interest rate will be 19.9%. It is a variable interest rate. Additional it offers 1% of cash back on every purchase made through this card. This card is offered with no annual fee. It provides an online credit card account access. This card has the wide acceptance on worldwide.

The Onyx card

Anyone with the bad credit can apply for this card. This card offers 0% fixed rate APR for life time. It requires no annual fee. This bank processes the credit card applications all round the clock. Qualified applicants can get an honest cent percentage credit card approval. It is one of the cheap credit cards to get. Though it offers many benefits only demerit about the card is only few vendors are accepting this card.

Orchard Bank’s Classic MasterCard

It is one of the other best options for those who are seeking to ge cheap credit cards or low credit credit cards. When you obtain a card from this bank your credit behavior will be reported to all 3 credit bureaus in the country. So rebuilding your credit can be done very easily. There is no need to call your bank and place a request to them for sending out your credit behavior to the credit bureaus. The card issuer will send you the text and email alerts for your payment. However APR rate is variable and this card comes with no annual fee.


How To Apply For Credit Card Online

In this fast hurry bury world there are so many compelling reasons for why we need to apply for credit card online. In order to cover the wide market and to provide the convenience to the customers most of the credit card offering companies used to offer the online applications. If you have a good credit score and apply for credit card online there are many possibilities for you to get a very quick response.

Seeking Credit card apply online

Before processing your credit card applications online find out which card will better meet to your needs. To help you in taking the decision so many resources are available online. Many sites enable you to compare one or more credit cards side by side. These websites are designed with more user friendliness. You can get even all required information on all credit cards under a single site. With the help of these internet information systems you can get an answer for all your questions in just a click away.

 How to Find the Best Credit Card?

Finding the best credit card is one of the crucial things you should do before apply for credit card online. Because one man’s best credit card may turn to be a nightmare to another one. Best card can be determined by based on your need and spending habits. You can use credit card finders to find out the best card which is available in the market.

Credit card application online

So now you have found out which card is best suit to you. Next thing you need to do is browse through and reach the official website of your desired credit card company. Spot out where the online application is given. Now read terms and conditions carefully. Every company high light sonly the attractive beneficial terms, they won’t make their down side to visible like the good ones. So it’s your responsibility to thoroughly analyze all the pros and cons of the credit card.

Check out add on offers, fixed APR rate and from when this rate will be changed into variable, charges they will pose on the late payments etc.

Also check out whether the company provides any other option for payment and whether they are offering the reward points for the proper use of cards. If the company provides the points system, check out whether the points can be redeemed.

Since you are just beginning your journey with the credit cards it is good to take the advice from your friends & relatives who are using various credit cards. It is one of the best ways to find out some accurate and original information regarding the credit cards.

Instead going to some unknown companies it is good to go for the companies who have an amazing reputation and position in the current market. You can find some authorized websites who are giving the genuine comparisons between different credit cards from different companies.

Submit a form with complete information

Once you reach the decision on credit card to apply online, fill out the complete information. Never provide the false information. Also if you submit your application with some incomplete information they may reject you due to the non sufficient information. Once you submit your form you will get a response once your application process gets over. Every credit card company has their own time duration for processing the credit card application. If you have applied for the 0% interest credit card it will take more than usual. Wait patiently to receive the reply. Even if you do not get the positive reply they will tell you the reason for the rejection. Try to sort out the problem or try applying the credit card in some other company. But do not apply in several companies at the short span of time.



Get A Credit Card With No Annual Fee

If you ask a question how to get a credit card with no annual fee you are on the right track.Credit cards with no annual fee is very easy to obtain nowadays. To attract new customers nearly all credit card offering companies use to offer 0% interest rate credit cards with no annual fee. Getting the credit card with 0% interest rate actually can lighten your burden of paying the unmanageable debt. Because if you save the interest paid on the debt alone you will be left with the significant amount in hand.

So if you want to sign up for the credit card with no annual fee here are some features you should consider.

First and foremost thing you need to know regarding the No annual fee credit card is these cards provides 0% interest rate just as the introductory offer. However they are going to raise the interest when the introductory period gets expired.  Apart from this when you make a bit delayed payment you will be charged even with the 10 to 20 percent of the interest rates. So once you fail to pay up you can never enjoy the 0% interest rate again.

If you miss to pay significant amount of balance even at the last date of introductory period there are many chances for you to get end up with some unexpected payable amount. So it is suggested to set the budget limit on this credit card. Try to figure out how much you can actually pay back. It is better to pay off more than the required minimum amount.

But when you pay off every month all your credit at a single payment on the due date, this habit will help you in keeping the minimum interest rate even after your introductory period gets over. Paying the balance at full every month is good but when can’t make such payment try to keep only the minimum allowed balance in your account. When you bring this habit into a practice you will not end up with some unmanageable high interest rate again.

If you manage to use the no annual fee credit card with caution and practiced yourself with the reduced spending habits, to be frank these no annual fee credit cards will be beneficial to you. if you can’t cut down your spending limits and can’t make the full payment every month then these Credit cards with no annual fee will be a worst option for you.

As an alternative you should find the credit card with the very low APR. So before choosing the credit card try to know yourself like what kind of spending habit you have and your capacity to pay off the debt every month so that you can prevent your fingers from getting burnt with the fire.

Hope now you have got an idea on How to get a credit card with no annual fee. Here are some suggestions for you. These all banks are providing the zero percentage interest rate with no annual fee.You can use for the extensive usage.

·       HSBC Credit Card

  • Iberia Bank Visa Classic
  • Bankwest Zero Platinum MasterCard
  • Woolworths Everyday Money Card
  • American Express Velocity Escape Card
  • Citibank ReadyCredit
  • American Express Qantas Discovery Card
  • ANZ Platinum Credit Card
  • Virgin No Annual Fee Credit Card
  • St.George No Annual Fee

How To Choose The Best Travel Credit Card

When you make lot of trips due to business or personal reasons finding the best travel credit cards will give you more benefits. So many credit card offering companies provides this sort of credit cards especially for people who love traveling. At the first sight these cards may look like offering loads of benefits when comparing with the regular card. But you should consider some factors to enjoy the optimum advantage.

Best travel credit cards: Things to note

One of the main things you should consider is whether your travel card is limited to only one particular air line. Note whether the travel card comes with the strict limit or you can use the card for car rentals, motor rentals and for obtaining other services.

Next thing you need to note on applying the Best travel credit card is “ finding out the blackout dates” . Some travel credit cards poses this. For sure you shouldn’t sign up in these cards. Obtaining a travel card with no expiration is a good choice.

Check out the APR percentage. Prefer to take the card which provides 0% interest rate on the introductory APR. Also check out how much you will be charged as an interest rate once intro period gets over.

If it is a best travel credit card then it should provide you more security advantages to offer a protection. Make sure whether the card can be blocked incase of stolen or lost.

Your charge card should give you the protection against your liability when an unauthorized user places some goods or services on your account.

These travel credit cards can be used at the ATM Machines just as your debit card. It is an added advantage. When you use your debit card in the foreign countries you need to pay the international fee in most cases. But these travel credit cards allows saving some money by not charging the international fees for the financial institution.

You can obtain best travel credit card from the companies like Capital One credit cards. These companies provide the personal insurance for the card holder.

When applying for the travel credit card check out whether they provide the insurance to recover the insurance item in case of loses.

Just plainly seeing the features of 1 or 2 cards will not make to take a right decision. You should browse through and compare with various features to know whether any particular card provides you all advantages you might interested in.

You can find out loads and loads of added advantages when it comes for finding the travel credit cards. Analyze yourself and find out which one will best suit to your needs. Try to spend some amount of time, browse through and shop around so that you can get the best travel credit card for you.

Pay as you go credit card

This credit card is undoubtedly one of the idea budgeting tool which is designed for the people who do not want to use their bank credit card for their shopping, travel or anything else.

Pay as you go credit card is introduced by the Irish based company known as mart Transfer. This card is best suited for the people who are on the tight budget and rarely use the credit card.

With this credit card you don’t need to pay any debt, you don’t need to pay the interest and no credit checks are required. So what is the purpose of card?

You can buy the pay as you go card and load some money on it. Use it when you want. This card is spreading fast and available over 3000 shops nationwide.

This card can be used for international traveling without any hassle.