0 Percent Credit Cards & Secured Business Credit Cards

0 percent credit cards

The zero percent credit cards are the cards which offer 0% balance transfers and 0% interest on your purchases. So just imagine if you don’t need to pay for the interest on your purchases how much it will be beneficial to you. Normally the credit cards which are offered at the 0% interest rate provides an introductory period for 3 to 18 months. It will be purely depends on the credit history of the individual. However apart from saving money there are many ways in which these 0 percent credit cards can give you benefits.

Make a big purchase with 0% interest

One of the main benefit of having this 0 percent credit card is you don’t need to pay for making big purchases at certain offer period. Generally this 0% offer will get expired after a specific time. So know that time in advance and make a prior plan to utilize the offer before it get expire. Also make sure you have sufficient amount in hand to make the big purchase at 0% interest rate.

Grab some cash

Many credit card offering companies now a day’s offer a decent amount of cash back offers which works well when comparing to the rewards points system. When you apply for 0 percent credit cards, they also provide the cash back offers so never miss to grab it. Sometimes you can get immediate cash back when you make your first purchase by using the cards, after that you will be continually getting the rewards points for the remaining purchases. If there is an option to combine this 0 percent credit card with some high interest savings account you can do it. By doing so when the declared promotional period offer comes to an end you can convert the cash back money from your credit card and can also get some interest on the cash back money too.

Earning Interest

When you have some amount of money for the purchases on hand, you can put this money in high interest saving account and can pay for the purchase by using this 0% interest credit card. However you should make some minimum payments at the time of promotional offer period.

All the above are some of the many benefits of 0 percent credit cards.

Now let’s see about best secured credit cards.

Secured credit cards is work in the same way as unsecured credit cards except you need to deposit some money as CD deposit when applying for the secured credit cards. Although secured accredit cards are easy to get one must make an extensive analysis on the factors such as APR, how much you need to deposit, what will your credit limit etc. Best secured credit card should have no annual fee and 0% interest on all purchases.

When it’s come for secured business credit card you can find wide range of cards in the market some cards are requires you to provide a security by your asset and some cards are provided with no such things. Whatever it may be, before sign up with any of these secured business credit card try to understand on which condition credit is made available to you.

One such thing is penalties posed on the early repayment. Even though you pay off the credit quite early some will cost you more amounts by the name of penalty. Normally secured business credit cards will be provided by submitting the collateral such as your business or any other property posed by the business owner.