How to Find the Best Business Credit Cards

You may run a small business or a large business, whoever it may be definitely your ultimate aim will be finding the Best business credit cards that are available in the today’s market. Normally best small business credit cards should not come with the fee.

One other main thing that should be noted when it comes for finding the best business card is “how much incentive is provided?”  Even some of the large companies are in the process of getting the cards which are providing the incentives. This incentive can include some of the discounts on the travel, eating establishments and money which are spent on the business.

When inquiring about the small business credit cards ensures that you are noting everything else like APR, interest rates and so on. These business cards are also like the same standard card so you should note the APR rates too. Lower the APR better it will be. Check out the time period until which you will be receiving the discounts.

One of the best ways to grab a best business credit card is “talk to your fellow entrepreneurs who are in your domain”. Find out which credit card is preferred by many and why. Also find out are they satisfied with the credit card they are currently holding? Is the card provides them enough incentives to continue with the card or they are thinking to switch over to some other cards.

One other thing you should keep in mind to grab the best business cards are “always keep your company’s financial in a good position”. Just like you are searching to get a business credit card, credit card companies will also want to provide their cards to the best businesses. They will analyze your credit history and see the financial risk. Then only will provide an approval for your credit cards applications.

Upon receiving the credit card try to pay the dues in a timely manner. If you do so they will report your credit history to the main credit reporting agencies and will consider you to provide the better offers than providing you when you are not paying your all obligations in an agreed way.

If you have any business associate in your reputed concern ensure they are staying focused to keep everything in the planned line. Ensure whether your corporate credit rating stays in a good condition. Good credit rating is one of the important things if you want to have small business credit cards from the best company.

Many business owners used to take the loan for the business start up. If you pay off this loan as fast as you can it will serve as a proof for your loyalty and credit repaying capability.

Following are some of the best business credit cards you can consider.

Capital One Aspire Business


  • Balance transfer interest rate of 16.94%
  • Offers a cash back offer as a reward
  • Representative APR – 16.9%APR ( variable)
  • No annual fee

This card is more suitable for the self employed or any small business owner.

Barclaycard – Business credit card visa


It provides 0% balance transfer rate for the first 22 months. After that 2.5% fee will be collected.

0% interest rate for all the purchases made in the first 3 months.

Provides purchase protection

Representative APR is- 18.9 %

Barclaycard – Business credit card (Master)


Just like visa card offered in the same category it also provides 0% interest rate on all purchases made in the first 3 months.

It charges the representative APR of 21.9%.